USA Skateboarding Community and the Urban Mainstream

USA Skateboarding Community and the Urban MainstreamIt is known that skateboarding has appealed to many people in USA. The skating bans and also the defensive architecture have been able to increasingly provide ways to the realization of the positive role of skateboarding in all aspect of life especially entrepreneurship, education and also community cohesion within USA skateboarding community.

– The Development of Skateboarding in USA
When being firstly introduced in 1950s, skateboarding was being considered as one rebellious way to the authorities, schools and parents. Due to this action, in 1965, most of US cities issued the skateboarding bans. However, 50 years later, the skate stopper devices have massively spread across the city squares to spoil the skateboarders with fun ride. Due to the skateboarding bans, the skateboarding has been expelled outside the urban centers and was being confined within the unseen hinterlands of industrial estates and suburbia. This condition has triggered the skateboarding community to fight back. Slowly but sure, many people have already accepted and agreed on the skateboarding activities.

– The Skatepark
To support the development of the skateboarding within the community in the USA, many skateboarding community in the USA tried to gain the community value asset and expand the skatepark. The famous project of the skatepark is known as the Burnside Project which takes place in Portland, Oregon. This Burnside project was firstly established in 1990. Some local skaters such as Mark Hubbard, Bret Taylor and Mark ‘Red’ Scott had firstly built the skatepark below the road bridge by adding some ad hoc concrete transitions at a wasteland. This action was able to attract many skaters, free concrete from pleasant contractors and also the local authorities.

USA Skateboarding Community

As many aspects have joined hands and cooperated well, this Burnside project has become the attractive skatepark with the approval from the city. This Burnside skatepark is also being recognized internationally as one of the most challenging skateparks all over the world. If you are a skater, you must know what the Burnside means. Due to its challenging track, most skaters like to visit Burnside at least once.

Nowadays, many skate infrastructure buildings have been developed as the USA community realizes that the skateboarding is accessible and healthy activity. In one local community, there is at least one new skatepark which becomes the heart of the community.

The support to the skateboarding has already been recognized by the USA skateboarding community. Now, the skateboarding reaches deep into the education and mainstream culture. Equipment and trainings are provided for the school teachers as the skateboarding becomes one of the sports at school for students to choose.

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