The Skateboarders within USA Skateboarding Community

The Skateboarders within USA Skateboarding CommunityIt is well known that skateboarding is now being recognized by people internationally. In USA skateboarding community, by 2009 there were more than nine million skateboarders all over the cities. However, the numbers have already been ups and downs from year to year but, overall. The numbers have risen steadily since 1970.

Who are they?
Most skateboarders in the USA are teenage males. But, if you happen to pass one of the skateparks, you probably find that you will notice several teenage females playing the skateboarding. If we take look at the numbers of population in USA in 2010, there were more than three hundred thousand people where around 2.9% of them have stepped on the skateboard during some time of the year. But, even though a person had played skateboard last year, it doesn’t mean that this person is ready for the skatepark. The person who rides the skateboard all the time onto the skatepark is generally known as the core skater. This core skater tends to ride his/her skateboard on the average of once a week, at least. This core skater actively develops his/her skateboarding skills as well as skates frequently. Everyone else who might only step on the skateboard is called a casual skater. This casual skater may ride his/her skateboard frequently to cruise to the campus, or to the store, but this casual skater doesn’t have any passion or interest to do tricks and might not being identified as the skateboarder.

Benefit of the Skatepark
To obtain the skatepark within the community is actually easy if you can fulfill the basic requirements. First, you have to be able to identify the numbers of population in your community. If you have more than 5,000 residents in your community, you can figure out how many of them are under the age of 18 years old from U.S Census website. Visit the agen judi online website and look for your community. Then, find the line states “Persons under 18 years” and the number shown in the right column is the percentage of the total population of your community.
After you know the people in the community, you can count the number by multiply it by 4.3% (or 0.043). The result is the numbers of the skaters in the community who need for the skatepark nowadays. It’s easy to figure out, isn’t it? When the skatepark is built within your community, the benefited ones are the core skaters. They will be more excited to try out the new skatepark if being compared to the casual skaters. However, overall, the skatepark is benefited for the USA skateboard community.

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