The Skateboard Forums within USA Skateboarding Community

The Skateboard Forums within USA Skateboarding Community

It doesn’t matter if you have skated for many years or just happen to get introduced to this challenging sport; you need to understand that the most appeal of the skateboarding lies within the welcoming yet super tight community. The better place to find the skateboarding community is through online forums. Here are four well known forums in the USA Skateboarding Community.

– Boardworld
The first online skateboarding forum is called boardworld. This forum is not super active but it has one session specially dedicated for the skateboarders. It also has its news, events and videos page which are full of cool stuffs about skateboarding such as the movie trailer about the skateboarding onto the frozen sand. You can find many other fascinating stuffs and tips about skateboarding on this website. The boardworld is also being visited by more than thousand visitors every day.

– Skatebook
This online forum is more active than the first online forum mentioned previously. This community forum may seem to be pretty small but the members of this forum are very supportive to each other. This forum is the right place if you want to ask for the suggestions on the board size that you need to ride on, or you can also share some videos or photos on your skateboarding achievements. This website is also being completed with “Introduce Yourself” so that it will be easier for you to know other skaters joining this forum.

– Skull and Bones Skateboards
This online skateboarding forum is also quite active. It has more than 20 threads which take part in the skateboarding industry such as screen printing or manufacturing. If you have visited the website, you will find that this website consists of several pages. The top is usually dedicated for the “Community” which contains the newest discussions. While on the skateboarding session, you can find the video and images being uploaded by the members, and also some info on the skateboarding.

– Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine
This forum is super active and being completed with thousand threads. This forum can be very enjoyable to spend your time. It is also completed with several sessions that you can browse like calendar events, new posts, quick links, FAQ and many more. But, what makes this forum interesting is the numbers of threads that you can visit. These threads sometimes contain the skate gifts. You can also regularly update your personal footage.

Those are four online forums within USA Skateboarding Community. If you happen to have problems, you can visit the bandar bola websites and get the useful suggestions and tips from other skaters. Have fun!

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