Some of the Best Skateboarding Forums

Some of the Best Skateboarding Forums

Skateboarding is a fun activity to do—even more so when you do it together with fellow skateboarders. You can enjoy showing off the skills you have amassed through practices and exercises to your friends, leaving them in awe from just how natural you have been in mastering said skills. But what if you just picked up a board and wish to find out more about tips and tricks on certain techniques to discover? What if there is no one next to you to show you how? Sure, the Internet helps a lot. There are articles and videos out there you can use as examples to follow. But just so you know, not all online resources you stumble upon provide you with enough knowledge and information on how to perform certain movement or action in skateboarding.

Some of those sources barely even cover the bases let alone specific details regarding specific requirements that the activity demands. What to do when you are faced with the needs for mastering special moves but those articles or videos do not even make any mention of the thing you specifically require? Thankfully, you can still rely on the Internet for this matter. But rather than searching for something too general, you can instead look up some online forums to discuss your requirements with fellow skaters.

Some of the Best Skateboarding ForumsSo, what are those forums? Boardworld is the first example. Granted, the forum is not highly active. But the forum does own a special section dedicated to skateboarding and a page that contains news, videos, and events with a lot of cool stuff to light up your day. Skatebook is another place you can turn to. Compared to the previous, Skatebook is much more active. The community is small in size but all members are supportive that they can be dependable to give you some inputs on certain aspects.

Skull and Bones Skateboards is another forum that is rather active. There are 20 threads on this forum, all of which are specific to skateboard. Some of those threads even go so far as to talk about the technical side of the industry. Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine is filled with thousands of threads. The forum is highly active and rated and owns tons of skate gifs. The last is Slap. Slap is perhaps the most famous of the bunch. If you have not heard of it, chances are you are a newbie and that’s okay.

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