Online Skateboarding Communities

Online Skateboarding CommunitiesWhat good can online skateboarding communities bring? Well, that is a valid question if you are someone not familiar with the skateboarding culture or just picked up a board only recently. The presence of online communities dedicated to skateboarding is beneficial for a culture such as skateboarding. Skateboarding is not a general preference—only certain people can master the skills and that requires natural talents and diligence. Sure, practice makes perfect but without guidance and natural affinity to the activity, the chance of you being a skillful skater is slim to none. That is where online communities enter. First off, they are online so anyone can gain access into those online forums where you can chat with others about tips and tricks or other kinds of info. Second off, those with exceptional skills can share their experience and may even provide suggestions for newbies all around the world. This exchange of info and stories serves as the basis for the setting up of those forums. Many would flock to those forums, seeking for news, events, and videos to make them well-informed about skateboarding. Some people would benefit from these forums in that they can find a way to get their hands on vintage boards or something like that.

But looking for a great forum to turn to would be a time-consuming endeavor without a guide. So, let’s figure out some of the most recommended online skateboarding communities you should definitely give a shot. Slap should be on top of the list when it comes to online skateboarding communities—it is the most popular skateboarding community found online at the moment. The forum is definitely super active and it supplies you with tons of information, tips, tricks, and news. Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine is also super active and the forum boasts thousands of threads for you to skim through.

Skull and Bones Skateboards owns 20 threads onboard and these threads are made specifically for skateboarding. Some of those threads are even so specific that it delves deeper into the industry including topics such as screen printing or manufacturing. Skatebook is the Facebook of skateboarding. The forum has a special page for new members to introduce themselves. This is a great way to get new friends with similar passion of the board. You can ask suggestions on issues you encounter when skateboarding. Boardworld is another example of such a community you can depend on.

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