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Bikes (BMX) and Parks

Cities should always allow bikes to use the skateparks. They are building a park for recreational purposes and it is not right to exclude these kids. Private parks have the option to decide who uses their park. Many private parks are also building climbing walls for the kids. Cities need to provide a safe, challenging and fun environment for children if they expect to compete with drug dealers.

Should you allow bikes in your park?

Do bikes ruin the ramps?
NO We have been surveying parks for several years and have not come up with any evidence that they cause anymore wear & tear than skateboarders or inline skaters.

Can bikes and skateboarders use the park at the same time?
YES If you have a very busy park you may want to designate special hours for bikes.

If you are a private park then you can decide who uses the park. If you are a city park and you discriminate against the biker (who is usually accepted into private parks) then you may have a civil rights issue. You may be required to build a separate bike park.

There are over 1 million freestyle bikers in the USA. This is a growing sport with a national following and one of the most exciting to watch! Active children should be appreciated for the athletes that they are and given every opportunity to excel at their chosen sport. Freestyle biking is a great sport and these are great kids. They deserve better treatment from their cities and communities

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