The Famous Online Forum in USA Skateboarding Community

The Famous Online Forum in USA Skateboarding CommunityIf you live in America and are involved in the skateboarding activity, you must already been familiar with this famous online forum called Slap. Yes, this active skateboarding forum is the number one website which is being visited by the skateboarders within the USA Skateboarding Community. What makes this website visited by lots of skateboarders? Let’s find out!
Super Active Forum

One reason why this online judi bola forum is being visited by plenty skateboarders is because it is super active and being loaded by lots of skaters who have plenty experiences in the skateboarding industry. You can easily find updated news, friends, tips, or just to keep your fingers touching the skate world pulse, this website is your one and only place to go.

Generally, Slap is the skateboarding message board which is full of endless trolls, talks, and the skate lingo from all skaters who are interested in the skateboarding along with its culture. The website is being managed by admins to maintain the friendly atmosphere within the skater community as well as are strict about the rules maintained within the website. These admins are also responsible to deal with people whose feelings are hurt due to the harshness of the boards.

It is true that the super active online forum can be just like a madhouse if you don’t know how to manage it. As many people are getting involved in the discussion, the tension, the feeling, the manners can sometimes overboard. To keep the situation under controlled, the good management is needed. Slap nowadays are being managed by three admins to keep the website running especially its message boards. The responsibilities of the Slap admins are to edit the message boards, change the screen name, remove or combine the threads, ban people, and many more

Famous Online Forum in USA Skateboarding Community

Good Management of the Forum

If you have visited the website, you can see that the forum is being separated into several sessions. The first and main session is the updated news, videos, blogs, travel guide, and many more related to the skateboarding world. Below this session, you can find the skateboarding forum where lots of skaters discuss and share everything like upcoming events, slap threads, new music, etc.

If you need some help about the skateboarding such as tips and tricks to do the kickflip, or which board to choose, and so on, you can visit the Help!!! session and get the answers that you need from other skaters.  You can visit this interactive skateboarding forum within USA Skateboarding Community at and get useful tips and tricks from all skaters. Enjoy!


Some of the Best Skateboarding Forums
Community Organization Skateboard Sport

Some of the Best Skateboarding Forums

Skateboarding is a fun activity to do—even more so when you do it together with fellow skateboarders. You can enjoy showing off the skills you have amassed through practices and exercises to your friends, leaving them in awe from just how natural you have been in mastering said skills. But what if you just picked up a board and wish to find out more about tips and tricks on certain techniques to discover? What if there is no one next to you to show you how? Sure, the Internet helps a lot. There are articles and videos out there you can use as examples to follow. But just so you know, not all online resources you stumble upon provide you with enough knowledge and information on how to perform certain movement or action in skateboarding.

Some of those sources barely even cover the bases let alone specific details regarding specific requirements that the activity demands. What to do when you are faced with the needs for mastering special moves but those articles or videos do not even make any mention of the thing you specifically require? Thankfully, you can still rely on the Internet for this matter. But rather than searching for something too general, you can instead look up some online forums to discuss your requirements with fellow skaters.

Some of the Best Skateboarding ForumsSo, what are those forums? Boardworld is the first example. Granted, the forum is not highly active. But the forum does own a special section dedicated to skateboarding and a page that contains news, videos, and events with a lot of cool stuff to light up your day. Skatebook is another place you can turn to. Compared to the previous, Skatebook is much more active. The community is small in size but all members are supportive that they can be dependable to give you some inputs on certain aspects.

Skull and Bones Skateboards is another forum that is rather active. There are 20 threads on this forum, all of which are specific to skateboard. Some of those threads even go so far as to talk about the technical side of the industry. Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine is filled with thousands of threads. The forum is highly active and rated and owns tons of skate gifs. The last is Slap. Slap is perhaps the most famous of the bunch. If you have not heard of it, chances are you are a newbie and that’s okay.

Community Organization Skateboard Sport

Online Skateboarding Communities

Online Skateboarding CommunitiesWhat good can online skateboarding communities bring? Well, that is a valid question if you are someone not familiar with the skateboarding culture or just picked up a board only recently. The presence of online communities dedicated to skateboarding is beneficial for a culture such as skateboarding. Skateboarding is not a general preference—only certain people can master the skills and that requires natural talents and diligence. Sure, practice makes perfect but without guidance and natural affinity to the activity, the chance of you being a skillful skater is slim to none. That is where online communities enter. First off, they are online so anyone can gain access into those online forums where you can chat with others about tips and tricks or other kinds of info. Second off, those with exceptional skills can share their experience and may even provide suggestions for newbies all around the world. This exchange of info and stories serves as the basis for the setting up of those forums. Many would flock to those forums, seeking for news, events, and videos to make them well-informed about skateboarding. Some people would benefit from these forums in that they can find a way to get their hands on vintage boards or something like that.

But looking for a great forum to turn to would be a time-consuming endeavor without a guide. So, let’s figure out some of the most recommended online skateboarding communities you should definitely give a shot. Slap should be on top of the list when it comes to online skateboarding communities—it is the most popular skateboarding community found online at the moment. The forum is definitely super active and it supplies you with tons of information, tips, tricks, and news. Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine is also super active and the forum boasts thousands of threads for you to skim through.

Skull and Bones Skateboards owns 20 threads onboard and these threads are made specifically for skateboarding. Some of those threads are even so specific that it delves deeper into the industry including topics such as screen printing or manufacturing. Skatebook is the Facebook of skateboarding. The forum has a special page for new members to introduce themselves. This is a great way to get new friends with similar passion of the board. You can ask suggestions on issues you encounter when skateboarding. Boardworld is another example of such a community you can depend on.

Community Skateboard Sport

The Skateboarders within USA Skateboarding Community

The Skateboarders within USA Skateboarding CommunityIt is well known that skateboarding is now being recognized by people internationally. In USA skateboarding community, by 2009 there were more than nine million skateboarders all over the cities. However, the numbers have already been ups and downs from year to year but, overall. The numbers have risen steadily since 1970.

Who are they?
Most skateboarders in the USA are teenage males. But, if you happen to pass one of the skateparks, you probably find that you will notice several teenage females playing the skateboarding. If we take look at the numbers of population in USA in 2010, there were more than three hundred thousand people where around 2.9% of them have stepped on the skateboard during some time of the year. But, even though a person had played skateboard last year, it doesn’t mean that this person is ready for the skatepark. The person who rides the skateboard all the time onto the skatepark is generally known as the core skater. This core skater tends to ride his/her skateboard on the average of once a week, at least. This core skater actively develops his/her skateboarding skills as well as skates frequently. Everyone else who might only step on the skateboard is called a casual skater. This casual skater may ride his/her skateboard frequently to cruise to the campus, or to the store, but this casual skater doesn’t have any passion or interest to do tricks and might not being identified as the skateboarder.

Benefit of the Skatepark
To obtain the skatepark within the community is actually easy if you can fulfill the basic requirements. First, you have to be able to identify the numbers of population in your community. If you have more than 5,000 residents in your community, you can figure out how many of them are under the age of 18 years old from U.S Census website. Visit the agen judi online website and look for your community. Then, find the line states “Persons under 18 years” and the number shown in the right column is the percentage of the total population of your community.
After you know the people in the community, you can count the number by multiply it by 4.3% (or 0.043). The result is the numbers of the skaters in the community who need for the skatepark nowadays. It’s easy to figure out, isn’t it? When the skatepark is built within your community, the benefited ones are the core skaters. They will be more excited to try out the new skatepark if being compared to the casual skaters. However, overall, the skatepark is benefited for the USA skateboard community.

Community Skateboard Sport

USA Skateboarding Community and Female Skaters

USA Skateboarding Community and Female SkatersIf you happen to be a female and are interested in playing the skateboarding but don’t know how to do it, you would probably like to join the skate like a girl community. This local and unique skateboarding organization is already recognized internationally to support female skaters within USA skateboarding community.
What is Skate Like a Girl?

As already mentioned before, Skate Like a Girl is a local organization which focuses on giving the support to the female leadership and empowerment. This organization focuses on the individual level as well as promotes the female skateboarding within the community level. The goal of this organization is to produce female skaters who struggle for the social justice.
This local organization is committed to give the skateboarding access for all people within the community. It welcomes all people from all ages, ethnicity, abilities, races, religions, and financial backgrounds. The mission of Skate Like a Girl is to develop a comprehensive community by encouraging social justice, leadership, and confidence through the skateboarding sport.

This famous agen bola organization has also tried to empower the young people, particularly the young women, to become strong and confident leaders within the community to promote and implement the social equity. The value which is being encouraged within this organization is to provide civic participation and experiential learning by being involved into the skateboarding community.

Programs Established by Skate Like A Girl
If you haven’t known about this organization, you probably will get surprised to see what achievements have been done so far. For the programs, this local organization provides four different activities, that is, events, school year programs, summer programs, and year round programs. One event that is being conducted regularly is the support given to the local community. They will come out to the local community and host the table, the skateboarding instruction or give the instructor training. They also organize an annual event of the skateboarding, that is, Wheel of Fortune which becomes one of the world’s largest skateboarding events. They also cooperate with several agencies to host the skateboarding competitions at different sites.

For the programs, this organization has been cooperating with local community centers, schools, and agencies to provide the physical activities for young people during or after the schools. The programs is dedicated for the beginners up to the skilled skaters. If you want to learn about skateboarding as well as supporting the gender equity, you can visit the website and register for the interesting programs being offered by them and getting involved in the USA skateboarding community.

Community Skateboard Sport

The Skateboard Forums within USA Skateboarding Community

The Skateboard Forums within USA Skateboarding Community

It doesn’t matter if you have skated for many years or just happen to get introduced to this challenging sport; you need to understand that the most appeal of the skateboarding lies within the welcoming yet super tight community. The better place to find the skateboarding community is through online forums. Here are four well known forums in the USA Skateboarding Community.

– Boardworld
The first online skateboarding forum is called boardworld. This forum is not super active but it has one session specially dedicated for the skateboarders. It also has its news, events and videos page which are full of cool stuffs about skateboarding such as the movie trailer about the skateboarding onto the frozen sand. You can find many other fascinating stuffs and tips about skateboarding on this website. The boardworld is also being visited by more than thousand visitors every day.

– Skatebook
This online forum is more active than the first online forum mentioned previously. This community forum may seem to be pretty small but the members of this forum are very supportive to each other. This forum is the right place if you want to ask for the suggestions on the board size that you need to ride on, or you can also share some videos or photos on your skateboarding achievements. This website is also being completed with “Introduce Yourself” so that it will be easier for you to know other skaters joining this forum.

– Skull and Bones Skateboards
This online skateboarding forum is also quite active. It has more than 20 threads which take part in the skateboarding industry such as screen printing or manufacturing. If you have visited the website, you will find that this website consists of several pages. The top is usually dedicated for the “Community” which contains the newest discussions. While on the skateboarding session, you can find the video and images being uploaded by the members, and also some info on the skateboarding.

– Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine
This forum is super active and being completed with thousand threads. This forum can be very enjoyable to spend your time. It is also completed with several sessions that you can browse like calendar events, new posts, quick links, FAQ and many more. But, what makes this forum interesting is the numbers of threads that you can visit. These threads sometimes contain the skate gifts. You can also regularly update your personal footage.

Those are four online forums within USA Skateboarding Community. If you happen to have problems, you can visit the bandar bola websites and get the useful suggestions and tips from other skaters. Have fun!

Community Skateboard Sport

USA Skateboarding Community and the Urban Mainstream

USA Skateboarding Community and the Urban MainstreamIt is known that skateboarding has appealed to many people in USA. The skating bans and also the defensive architecture have been able to increasingly provide ways to the realization of the positive role of skateboarding in all aspect of life especially entrepreneurship, education and also community cohesion within USA skateboarding community.

– The Development of Skateboarding in USA
When being firstly introduced in 1950s, skateboarding was being considered as one rebellious way to the authorities, schools and parents. Due to this action, in 1965, most of US cities issued the skateboarding bans. However, 50 years later, the skate stopper devices have massively spread across the city squares to spoil the skateboarders with fun ride. Due to the skateboarding bans, the skateboarding has been expelled outside the urban centers and was being confined within the unseen hinterlands of industrial estates and suburbia. This condition has triggered the skateboarding community to fight back. Slowly but sure, many people have already accepted and agreed on the skateboarding activities.

– The Skatepark
To support the development of the skateboarding within the community in the USA, many skateboarding community in the USA tried to gain the community value asset and expand the skatepark. The famous project of the skatepark is known as the Burnside Project which takes place in Portland, Oregon. This Burnside project was firstly established in 1990. Some local skaters such as Mark Hubbard, Bret Taylor and Mark ‘Red’ Scott had firstly built the skatepark below the road bridge by adding some ad hoc concrete transitions at a wasteland. This action was able to attract many skaters, free concrete from pleasant contractors and also the local authorities.

USA Skateboarding Community

As many aspects have joined hands and cooperated well, this Burnside project has become the attractive skatepark with the approval from the city. This Burnside skatepark is also being recognized internationally as one of the most challenging skateparks all over the world. If you are a skater, you must know what the Burnside means. Due to its challenging track, most skaters like to visit Burnside at least once.

Nowadays, many skate infrastructure buildings have been developed as the USA community realizes that the skateboarding is accessible and healthy activity. In one local community, there is at least one new skatepark which becomes the heart of the community.

The support to the skateboarding has already been recognized by the USA skateboarding community. Now, the skateboarding reaches deep into the education and mainstream culture. Equipment and trainings are provided for the school teachers as the skateboarding becomes one of the sports at school for students to choose.